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Ann M Streetman

A Storyteller's Point of View

Robert Can Cook and LeeAnna Admires Him For It

by Ann M Streetman on 03/28/19

Robert’s mother taught him to cook. She said he shouldn’t go hungry if there wasn’t a woman around who wanted to cook for him. Robert said, “I didn’t grasp the value of her lesson then, but it serves me well to this day. You could say I’m kitchen independent. I’m not a chef, but I cook simple tasty meals. I cook for myself, and it saves me a lot of money.” LeeAnna appreciates his kitchen independence. If you like sweet romance with a contemporary Scottish flair, don’t miss The Man from Skye available on Amazon now.

The Royal Scottish Regiment Tradition in Robert's Family

by Ann M Streetman on 03/22/19

Robert MacDonald’s father did not need to tell him that his turn would come to serve in the Royal Scottish Regiment. It was understood. Robert grew up with his nana reading the names of his ancestors, from the front of her Bible. The ones in The Regiment had the dates of their service enrolled in blue ink. If you like sweet romance with a contemporary Scottish flair, don’t miss The Man from Skye available on Amazon now.

Main Characters in my New Novel The Man from Skye

by Ann M Streetman on 03/14/19

The hero Robert MacDonald had to be a man as memorable as the Isle of Skye where he grew up and his family still lives. He comes from a close knit family steeped in Scottish tradition. His family members are as much a part of this love story as Robert himself. He did not mean to fall in love with LeeAnna Davidson, a talented Texas woman in Scotland for a semester of research at the University of Glasgow. It was a chance meeting on that train from Glasgow to Mallaig that changed their lives forever. Both have emotional obstacles to overcome. I hope you’ll come along for their journey of discovery in my new novel The Man from Skye now on Amazon.

The Inspiration for Writing my New Novel The Man from Skye

by Ann M Streetman on 03/10/19

A train ride in Scotland several years ago inspired me to write my new novel The Man from Skye. The main characters meet on the route I took from Glasgow to Mallaig through an isolated countryside ablaze with many shades of pink heather. This area is more beautiful than I could describe on the page, but I hope you will come away from reading this book understanding that Scotland is an enchanting place for love to flourish

Creating A Setting

by Ann M Streetman on 03/15/18

A setting is important for you, the reader, and important for the characters. Let me explain. It’s my job to make you experience the environment where a piece of action takes place. More often than not, I let one of the characters tell you via his or her internal thoughts or through dialog with another character. If a character describes it, you are also getting insight into that character by the way he or she sees it. The description needs to be rich in detail and convey emotion that will arouse your interest and contribute to the story line. A good setting includes how the characters feel about their surroundings and how that environment contributes to their interactions at the time. Like life, writing is complicated, but oh so much fun. Ready to take a closer look at Her Man in Sorrento? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079K5793C

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