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Lillie Childress is an ambitious introvert who grew up in group homes in Texas. Her only family is Deborah whom she met in a group home when they were 7 years old. Lillie is sure of one thing. She’ll never be abandoned by a man or worse yet, have a child and be abandoned by a man. No marriage. Only simple, uncomplicated relationships as she eats her way across New Orleans, explores every park and venue, and enjoys every minute of it.
With that firm resolve, Lillie meets Charles Chauvet at a concert in Lafayette Park after work one spring afternoon. Charles is a crazy handsome extravert whose family has been in New Orleans since 1754 when his French Acadian ancestors arrived on a ship from an Acadian settlement in Canada. For reasons stemming from his childhood, Charles is also determined to keep his relationships simple and uncomplicated now and forever.
They began with a dinner here and a dinner there. Jogging and picnicking in Audubon Park. Enjoying a concert at Preservation Hall. Dancing at a neighborhood pub. Absolutely simple and uncomplicated.
Fall brought into their lives a hurricane and a surprise that Lillie could never have imagined. If you believe that love can conquer all, don’t miss this sweet romance. Escape now with this page-turning love story.