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Ann M Streetman

A Storyteller's Point of View

My New Novel Her NOLA Man Is Published

by Ann M Streetman on 03/24/20

My new novel Her NOLA Man is available on Amazon as of March 23, 2020. I hope you find the love story of Lillie Childress and Charles Chauvet worthy of your time and effort to make it come alive for you. It's a sweet romance with twists and turns that could brighten your day. Thanks for stopping by. AMS Storyteller

The Characters Took Over

by Ann M Streetman on 03/06/20

Today I finished the first draft of my new novel set in New Orleans. In the last few days my characters took over the storyline here and there and pleasantly surprised me. When that happened, I felt like these characters are worthy of your time. I’m looking forward to having them ready for you soon. Thanks for stopping by. AMS Storyteller

My Writing Goal for 2020

by Ann M Streetman on 01/12/20

Family matters consumed much of my time in the last few months of 2019. As this new year begins, I am getting back to my novel in progress set in wonderful New Orleans. My goal is to publish it by the end of June 2020. I will be working hard to make this love story worthy of the time and effort you spend in making the characters come alive for you. Thanks for stopping by. AMS Storyteller

Writing Procrastination

by Ann M Streetman on 12/10/19

My current procrastination in moving forward on my new novel to be published in the spring has one upside. It gives me time to wish my readers and my potential readers and their families a joyful holiday season that spills over into a wonderful new year. Thanks for stopping by. AS

LeeAnna Frances Davidson Is a Woman With a Plan

by Ann M Streetman on 04/04/19

With a master’s and PhD degree, recently divorced LeeAnna Frances Davidson is focusing on her work in immunology. Her plan is simple: concentrate on her worthwhile work and avoid any risk of falling for the wrong man again. No complicated relationships. Absolutely none. Not even with sweet and charming Robert MacDonald. Will she stick to the plan? Come along to see. If you like sweet romance with a contemporary Scottish flair, don’t miss The Man from Skye available on Amazon now.