Main Characters in my New Novel The Man from Skye : A Storyteller's Point of View
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Ann M Streetman

Main Characters in my New Novel The Man from Skye

by Ann M Streetman on 03/14/19

The hero Robert MacDonald had to be a man as memorable as the Isle of Skye where he grew up and his family still lives. He comes from a close knit family steeped in Scottish tradition. His family members are as much a part of this love story as Robert himself. He did not mean to fall in love with LeeAnna Davidson, a talented Texas woman in Scotland for a semester of research at the University of Glasgow. It was a chance meeting on that train from Glasgow to Mallaig that changed their lives forever. Both have emotional obstacles to overcome. I hope you’ll come along for their journey of discovery in my new novel The Man from Skye now on Amazon.

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