The Opening Scene of Her Man in Sorrento : A Storyteller's Point of View
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Ann M Streetman

The Opening Scene of Her Man in Sorrento

by Ann M Streetman on 03/08/18

Every scene in my novels is real in my imagination, but the opening scene of Her Man in Sorrento on the cathedral steps in the city of Amalfi, Italy,  is particularly vivid in my imagination. Perhaps it is because I have stood across the street from that cathedral and witnessed important real life events unfold there. I’m not going to spoil the novel’s opening for you in this blog, but I hope you’ll be able to see that scene clearly for yourself when you read it. You can let me know what you think about it by contacting me via Twitter, Google Plus, or Goodreads. You can use my website to contact me .When you get a minute, please check out Her Man in Sorrento on Amazon       

Thanks for stopping by. AS

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