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A Storyteller's Point of View

Susan Couldn't Get Her Mind Off Andre

by Ann Streetman on 06/07/17

Susan couldn’t get her mind off Andre as she pulled into her driveway. Was he just a handsome man with an intriguing pickup line or was he really the grandson of an American soldier who fought in the battle of Normandy and went back to find and marry the French woman he fell in love with?

Come along to  find out. Her Sunflower Man now on Amazon.


New Novel: Her Sunflower Man

by Ann Streetman on 04/29/17

My newest novel Her Sunflower Man is now available on Kindle:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0722MBYFR
Hope you get a chance to check it out. More to come on the characters and my inspiration for writing it. Thanks for stopping by. AS

I Love It When the Characters Take Over

by Ann Streetman on 12/12/16

I have well thought-out control over most of the scenes in my novels, but once in a while the characters just take over a scene in a way I did not plan. It is a joy to me when that happens. In Her Man in Ireland the characters took over in the next to last chapter. When Ellen stepped into the elevator in Tomas' apartment building, she punched the button to go up, but the elevator started going down first. Do come along to see what happened. With your time and imagination, this Irish-American romance can come alive for you in ways I could only hope for.

Sometimes an Object or Place Can Become As Important as a Character

by Ann Streetman on 12/02/16

Tomas' Dublin apartment with its magnificent view of the city assumes the importance of a character in Her Man in Ireland. It is where they propped their feet on the low sill of the huge picture window, playing footsie and eating and drinking wine and telling stories.  When they are apart, Ellen thinks of Tomas lying in his bed under that picture window. I hope you'll come along to enjoy the city scape of Dublin through the eyes of two lovers and experience their sweet romance. You can download Her Man in Ireland now. 

Tomas and Ellen

by Ann Streetman on 11/02/16

In real life, opposites do attract. And so it is with Tomas and Ellen in Her Man in Ireland. Tomas is an extrovert who is a hard working engineer by day, a fun-loving pub musician on some nights, and a captain in the Irish Army Defense Reserve some weekends and summer days. Ellen, an introvert, is an engineer on temporary assignment in Dublin who just wants to do a good job in her work group there and get back to Austin to make a new quiet life after an unexpected divorce. She's not looking for a man now and probably not anytime in the near future. I hope you'll come along to see what happens when Ellen steps into the pub where Tomas is playing.

A Friend, A Bird, A Stubborn Kid, A Trip to the Emerald Isle

by Ann Streetman on 10/22/16

I've long had a soft spot in my heart for all things Irish: a close Irish American friend when I was a young woman, a canary named Sean, a son who was too stubborn to be born on St. Patrick's Day, as I had hoped, and finally a trip to Ireland not so many years ago. One could say Her Man in Ireland was bound to emerge. The novel gave me the opportunity to revisit in my imagination some of my favorite spots in Ireland. I invite you to come along to enjoy those spots with Tomas and Ellen as they find their way toward each other.

John Donaldson Has Found His Place

by Ann Streetman on 01/17/16

I hope you will find the characters in Love on Life’s Zip Line worthy of your time and imagination as you follow them through the twists and turns of their lives.

The characters and plot of Book 3 Patricia on the Line were always in the room as I wrote Book 1 and Book 2. I’ve had some favorite heroes in my romances: Antonio Da Costa, Raffaele Balducci, Matteo Soldati, Craig Hameston, all handsome, desirable men. But John Donaldson has carved his own special place in my writer’s mind and on my bookshelf. I invite you to see why.

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New Series

by Ann Streetman on 06/24/15

For years, I avoided writing series books. It seemed like too steep a hill to climb, but I have changed my mind. A series lets me develop characters over time. For example, in my new series Love on Life's Zip Line, some characters recur throughout the books. They are at different places in their lives in particular books of the series. In one book, a hero and heroine may be the main characters, but they may be the minor characters in later books in the series. The bottom line on series writing is that I get to know my characters better and so does the reader.

The Mix of Characters Who Found Their Way

by Ann Streetman on 11/05/14

Of course, I knew the essence of the ending when I started planning the romance novel Craig's Hometown, but as I neared the conclusion, I abandoned my detailed plotting. I finally realized that I could trust these characters to take steps that I had not anticipated. Sometimes good characters just take over and finish the story. I hope you will trust me and these characters with the gifts of your reading time and imagination. Welcome to Craig's Hometown. Available at these ebook retailers: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/craigs-hometown-ann-m-streetman/1120171258?ean=2940046112375




Thanks for stopping by. AS

Craig's Mother - Elsbeth Hameston

by Ann Streetman on 10/25/14

Minor characters sometimes play a strong role in the backstory of a life and in a novel. Such is the case with Elsbeth Hameston, Craig’s mother, in my new romance novel Craig’s Hometown. Here is an excerpt:


Kathryn watched Elsbeth move around the kitchen with the gait of a woman much younger than 83. It was easy to see where Craig got his height, his lively brown eyes, Roman nose, and square jaw. These features, rugged on him, were expressed as a chiseled feminine appearance for her. But it was their bearing that was most alike. Openness based on rock solid self-confidence.


Elsbeth Hameston had been and continued to be a major influence in Craig’s life.