Love on Life’s Zip Line chronicles the love stories of a family and their friends.
In Book 1 Melissa is not looking for a man. Thanks to her mysterious father who is financing the last 2 years of her daughter’s college, Melissa is back in college. Jason, a former Marine, introduces himself the first day of their statistics class. He’s facing a family challenge that frightens him more than anything he experienced in the Marines. 
Book 2 is the love story of Ashley, Melissa's daughter, who is loving her single life in New York City. She is in control until handsome medical student Mark shows up. He is clinging to a lost love. She wants to help, but doesn’t want to get sucked into a relationship she’s not sure about.
In Book 3 Melissa’s mother Patricia is falling in love with a most unlikely man. Could this be the man she had spent so many years hating and keeping away from her daughter and granddaughter? Could she trust him now? This is a heart-warming second chance love story you don't want to miss. Download it today!

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