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After a lifelong career in communication, I enjoy writing books for adults and children. My romance novels are Her Sunflower Man, Her Man in Ireland, Melissa on the Line Book 1 Love on Life's Zip Line, Ashley on the Line, Book 2 Love on Life's Zip Line, Patricia on the Line, Book 3 Love on Life's Zip Line, Craig's HometownThat Man in Siena, Redeemed, and The Italian Ski Instructor. I am the author of two short story collections The Hospitality Connection and The Patriotic Connection - Life and Love in the Fortiesand a short story "The Victrola." My work includes two non-fiction books for adults PR Basics in a Connected World and Venturing into Digital Storytelling - A Grandmother’s Guide. I have written several children’s books including Animals Outside our WindowWords on My PlateWords in Your Sandbox, Words on your Bed, Celebrating Seasons, and new books on Kindle: Words on My Table Book 1 Words Popup Series and Words in my Treasure Chest Book 2 Words Popup Series. I have illustrated my children's books with my own photos and with graphics. They are fun!

There is a story behind each book that I have written. Stay tuned to my blog, and I'll share with you some of those stories. Why I wrote them and how I brought the characters to life.  

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